Wojtek Materka

How to see, think and thrive in a complex world?

I help people grow and design better futures. I am a leadership consultant and executive coach.


I trained as an engineer, worked as a designer, became a business executive and a consultant with an MBA from INSEAD. I also completed a PhD on the topic of Development of Trust in Digital Context. I worked in digital financial services, innovation and management consultancies and business schools. I designed and launched many online products, lead an international expansion, and consulted to global companies looking to create innovation cultures. All this has taught me that change is not really as difficult as they say - actually given right conditions it's surprising how fast we can change.

What has also shaped me deeply was the diversity of places and people I encountered. Since I was very young we moved: I lived in countries like Poland, Japan, Czech Republic, France, Australia and now UK. I witnessed a nation change from a communist state to a free market economy, I grew up in peaceful Western suburbia, and I tasted intense Far East. All this made me a keen student of people and human systems and made me reflect on how we all hold multiple identities and navigate them.

These days you can find me between London, where I live with my wife and two daughters, France and Singapore, where I work at INSEAD's Global Leadership Centre, or on my motorbike, scheming on how to take it around the world.