Wojtek Materka

How to see, think and thrive in a complex world?

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My story

From an early age I moved around the world and had to make sense of new contexts and places. I lived and worked in over six different countries across three continents. I witnessed a nation change from a communist state to a free market economy, I lived in peaceful Western suburbia, and grew up in the intense Far East.

These personal experiences have challenged me to become a keen student of people and human systems in context of a world that's always changing. In my own journey of development I found love and meaning in developing others.

I completed a PhD on the topic of Trust in Digital Age. I also worked for fast growing digital companies. I designed and launched multiple online products, led an international expansion, built product and marketing teams and advised multiple businesses undergoing transformation.

I help leaders and organisations see, think and act in context of uncertainty. I offer leadership development, consulting and coaching for executives dealing with disruption and transformation in their professional and personal lives.

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