Wojtek Materka

How to see, think and thrive in a complex world?

I am a leadership consultant who works with teams and senior leaders facing disruption and transformation in their work and life. I have 15 years of experience engaging with organisations in leadership and consultant roles.


Since I was a kid I moved around and had to make sense of new contexts and places. I lived in countries like Poland, Japan, Czech Republic, France, Australia and now UK. I witnessed a nation change from a communist state to a free market economy, I lived in peaceful Western suburbia, and grew up in the mysterious and intense Far East. These personal experiences have opened me to many different aspects of life and taught me to be a keen student of people and human systems.

I completed a PhD on the topic of Trust in Digital Age. My research concentrated on how online technology impacts development of trust and relationships in market context. What I found is that quality and authenticity of communication is as important as product features such as price. If you work in business, this insight can save you a lot of time and money.

I also worked for fast growing digital companies. I designed and launched multiple online products, lead an international expansion, built product and marketing teams in international setting and advised to multiple businesses in the digital transformation.

These days I help leaders and organisations work with ambiguous and complex problems in context of uncertainty. I offer leadership development and coaching for executives dealing with disruption and transformation in their professional and personal lives. My interests are on how we develop as leaders in face of increasingly complex and uncertain world.